School Resource Officer (SRO)

The position of School Resource Officers is established to provide a link between the Department and the schools within Riley County, and to increase positive, proactive involvement with the students of those schools. SROs interact directly with the students and work closely with the school system to solve problems. The SRO serves three primary functions: police officer; law-related instructor; and advisor. The SRO reports to a patrol shift supervisor who is responsible to coordinate the day to day activities of the SRO.

To qualify for this position, Officers must have been employed for a minimum of 2 years and possess a willingness to interact with the general public and students on a daily basis. 

Officers interact with schools and devote time to education and interaction with students of various ages throughout our jurisdiction.

For more information on area schools, please contact the respective unified school district (USD). 

  1. Brian Swearingen Employee Photo

    Brian Swearingen

    Manhattan High School West Campus School Resource Officer

  1. Jarrod Sheldon Employee Picture

    Jarrod Sheldon

    North County School Resource Officer

  1. Sonia Gregoire Employee Photo

    Sonia Gregoire

    Manhattan High School West Campus School Resource Officer