Found Property

Found property is held by the Riley County Police Department for 60 days. If you are missing any of the following property you can contact RCPD at 785-537-2112, ext. 1906. You will need to provide proof of ownership to make a claim.

Case NumberProperty NumberDateItem
23-006358261529November 21, 2023Necklace 
23-006394261482November 22, 2023Card to Christopher Marx and Keys
23-006315261450November 18, 2023Currency 
23-006269261422November 16, 2023Keys
23-006248261399November 15, 2023Wallet to Douglas Carson 
23-006207261381November 13, 2023Card to Lori Souliere 
23-006202261377November 14, 2023Keys
23-006008261248November 2, 2023Cellphone
23-005931261193October 30, 2023Ipad 
23-005860261117October 25, 2023Bookbag and items to Avery Butler and Leah Gustin
23-005827260966October 23, 2023DL to Quinn Fullerton 
23-005773260940October 21, 2023Cellphone 
23-005749261114October, 20 2023Bicycle 
23-005761260936October 20, 2023Card for Kyla Goolsby 
23-005643260834October 16, 2023Computer 
23-005595260780October 13, 2023Air Compressor's 
23-005567260763October 12, 2023Document for Jania Johnson 
23-005352260634October 3, 2023Cellphone 
23-005326260611October 2, 2023Earrings
23-005277260621September 29, 2023Cellphone 
23-005233260525September 27, 2023Bicycle 
23-005193260504September 25, 2023Bicycle 
23-005028260363September 17, 2023Card to Devon Griffith 
23-004959260317September 13, 2023Indiana Plate 
23-004919260286September 10, 2023Card to Cesar Torres 
23-004877260278September 9, 2023Coin purse 

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