Found Property

Found property is held by the Riley County Police Department for 60 days. If you are missing any of the following property you can contact RCPD at 785-537-2112, ext. 1906. You will need to provide proof of ownership to make a claim.

Case NumberProperty NumberDateItem
23-003062258870June 6, 2023Card for Darrell Sanders
23-003015258846June 4, 2023Currency 
23-002970258824June 1, 2023Ring
23-002740258796May 21, 2023Card to James Spence
23-002822258739May 26, 2023Keys 
23-002579258695May 19, 2023Fishing rod 
23-002807258682May 24, 2023Watch 
23-002728258655May 20, 2023DL for Emilee Jacoby 
23-002718258634May 20, 2023Keys
23-002625258551May 15, 2023Ring 
23-002412258405May 3, 2023Wallet to Rochelle Day 
23-002309258354April 29, 2023Cellphone 
23-002322258353April 30, 2023Card to Timothy Graf
23-002290258348April 28, 2023Card to Tricia Reichert
23-002183258245April 22, 2023ID Card to Jason Calhoun 
23-002145258176April 20, 2023Cellphone 
23-002011258114April 12, 2023Flashlight to Matthew Muse 
23-002118258136April 19, 2023Cellphone 
23-002091258110April 17, 2023Ladies ring
23-002017258096April 12, 2023Bicycle 
23-001964258023April 10, 2023Card to David Ayala-Nieves, Cards to Lindsey Pagan
23-001924257977April 8, 2023Card to Angel Almaraz
23-001822257897April 4, 2023Purse 

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