Community Advisory Board


  • Dennis Cook, Chair
  • Teresa Parks, Vice Chair
  • Robert Echols
  • Diahann Frazier
  • Michelle Houston
  • William Kaszer
  • Lorenza Lockett
  • Debbie Nuss
  • Gabriela Vega
  • Kirk Crabtree

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For the Community Advisory Board (CAB) meeting calendar and board member information please visit the CAB website.

Historically, some police departments have found it challenging to keep an open line of communication with the public that they serve. To address this concern, in July of 2009, the RCPD worked with a group of private citizens to develop the Community Advisory Board. A group that can serve as a liaison between the police department and the public. The CAB meets monthly to address issues of interest to the RCPD and how they may affect the citizens and businesses of Riley County.

From the beginning, efforts have been made to develop a group that represents a cross-section of the Riley County public, with members from a variety of business, geographic and cultural communities. Members were invited to join the board for three-year terms. It should be noted that the CAB does not investigate cases or establish policies for the Riley County Police Department.

The Riley County Police Department serves to ensure the security of persons and property and to maintain public order and safety, always guided by the highest principles of professional police practices.

As a group of citizens representative of Riley County's diverse population, the Community Advisory Board (CAB) is established to help the Riley County Police Department and the entire county community by:

  • Providing a community perspective in advising the Chief of Police on issues, problems, and policies.
  • Assisting the Department in improving the community's understanding of the police function and role.
  • Assisting the Department in providing meaningful communication between the police and the community.
  • Advising the Department on ways of improving the effectiveness of police operations.
  • Identifying community needs and issues for consideration and appropriate action.
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Community Advisory Board

  1. Community Advisory Board (CAB)
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