What are the Failure to Comply Penalties?
  • 1st Conviction- Level 6 Person Felony 
  • 2nd Conviction- Level 5 Person Felony 
  • 3rd Conviction- Level 3 Person Felony 
  • Aggravated Violation- Level 3 Person Felony 
  • Failure to Pay $20 Registration Fee within 15 Days- Class A Misdemeanor 
  • Failure to Pay $20 Registration Fee after 15 Days- Level 9 Person Felony 

Note: A new and separate offense of noncompliance will occur every 30 days that have elapsed until you regain compliance. This will also add on time to your end registration date set forth by the Kansas Bureau of Investigations.

Note: If a sex offender fails to report a change in residence, employment, or student status and travels in or moves across state lines, the offender can be charged with a federal crime.

Note: If you are living/staying at any residence for three 3 consecutive days or more, or a total of ten (10) days in a month you are required to report that address.

Note: Any vehicle you are driving must be reported.

Note: If you are confined for three (3) days or more you must update your registration as soon as you are released.

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1. What are the Failure to Comply Penalties?
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