Found Property

Found property is held by the Riley County Police Department for 60 days. If you are missing any of the following property you can contact RCPD at 785-537-2112, ext. 1906. You will need to provide proof of ownership to make a claim.

Case NumberProperty NumberDateItem
23-001743257841March 29, 2023Headphones
23-001671257793March 25, 2023Card to Nick Vernon, Card to Martel Clay, ID card for Jude Bradshaw, ID card for Jarvis Chapman 
23-001525257667March 20, 2023Keys 
23-001476257662March 17, 2023Debit Card to Edgar Salas 
23-001415257569March 14, 2023Debit Card to Diana Figon
23-001349257396March 7, 2023Wallet to Ray Muniz
23-001339257406March 7, 2023Bicycle
23-001336257345March 4, 2023Card to Morgan Bryand
23-001335257343March 6, 2023Cell phone
23-001303257339March 5, 2023Keys
23-001297257236March 5, 2023Cell phone
23-001288257206March 4, 2023Key
23-001252257215March 4, 2023Items belonging to Lachayla Dotson & Kaleb Woldeyes, 
23-001250257208March 4, 2023Wallet belonging to Jayson Neff
23-001158257130March 1, 2023Key
23-001126257131February 28, 2023ID to Darrin Anderson
23-001125257090February 28, 2023Keys
23-001083257040February 27, 2023Items belonging to Justin Bauer
23-001033257079February 24, 2023Cards to Barbara Forrest, George Shields, Chrystal Pultz, Jane Montgomery
23-001003256999February 23, 2023Artwork
23-000995256993February 22, 2023Keys
23-000968256995February 21, 2023Currency
23-000960256982February 20, 2023Bicycle
23-000950256989February 20, 2023Cell phone
23-000928256934February 19, 2023Wallet to Trinidi Trask
23-000868256924February 16, 2023Bag
23-000814256837February 14, 2023Earring
23-000681256743February 7, 2023Card to Seth Ulrey
23-000681256742February 7, 2023Card to G. Moreno
23-000675256730February 6, 2023ID to Mykah Moon
23-000662256712February 5, 2023Card to Zachary Mardis
23-000595256642February 1, 2023Necklace
23-000594256658February 2, 2023Golf club
23-000527256558January 29, 2023ID to Kedric Liggins
23-000502256545January 27, 2023Ring
23-000393256393January 21, 2023Key fob
23-000306256335January 18, 2023Ring
23-000285256334January 17, 2023Cell phone 
23-000276256319January 16, 2023Bicycle
23-000152256170January 10, 2023Firearm
23-000105256142January 07, 2023Card to Christian Coronado
23-000076256117January 05, 2023Card to Gage Foreman

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