How to Apply to Do a Sit-In

To help foster a positive relationship with the community and to help citizens better understand what our dispatchers do on a daily basis, the Riley County Police Department has a sit-in program that puts citizens in the communication center with dispatchers. People can get a first-hand look at the work dispatchers face each day and hopefully come away with a better understanding of the services we provide.

Sit-in participants only act as observers. They do not perform any law enforcement work that the dispatcher would normally do. They do not wear a uniform, handle department equipment, or complete any official paperwork. To apply for a sit-in, complete this Ride-Along Application. Next, save as a PDF  and then submit by e-mail to the address posted at the bottom of this page (this form does contain personal and contact information). 

Ride-Along Application


  • The Communication Center Manager, or designee, may allow civilians and law enforcement personnel from other jurisdictions to do a sit-in with dispatchers.
  • Juvenile participants under age eighteen must secure additional approval from their parents or legal guardian.

Program Eligibility

  • No more than 2 participants may sit-in during the same time period.
  • Participants will complete and submit their Application and Waiver of Liability at least 14 days in advance of their preferred sit-in date and time. 
  • Applications will be routed to the Public Information Officer for processing.
  • A local background check and criminal history check is completed on all applicants.
  • Upon final review, the Public Information Officer or shift supervisor will contact the participant to notify them of their eligibility status.

Waiver of Liability

  • Required for all participants;
  • Must be signed by all participants age 18 and over;
  • Must be signed by all parents of participants under 18 years of age;
  • Will reflect inherent risks of the sit-in program and the participant/parent's acceptance of these risks;
  • Will reflect participant restrictions and instructions.

Dress Code

  • Clean, casual clothing in good condition is acceptable;
  • Shorts or sleeveless shirts are not allowed;
  • Open-toed shoes are not allowed.


  • Conduct themselves in a civil and courteous manner at all times;
  • At all times obey the directives of the dispatcher with whom they are observing;
  • Not interfere with dispatchers while in the performance of their duties;
  • No photograph or recording by any means, any activity, person or area without permission of the dispatcher;
  • Not become involved in the arrest or physical control of any person;
  • Not carry weapons while participating in the sit-in program, unless you are an active Law Enforcement Officer.

For more information or to schedule a sit-in contact:

Communications Center Manager 
Tyler Siefkes
(785) 537-2112 x2520

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