Dispatcher I & Dispatcher II

Dispatcher I:

Dispatcher I is responsible for call-taking including the 911 line and the administrative line. Dispatchers who are in this level do data entry such as inputting information into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database. Dispatcher I employees receive NCIC training along with emergency medical and fire certification during their initial training cycle. Training for Dispatcher I candidates is about 3 months long. Current starting hourly rate for Dispatcher I: $17.33

Dispatcher II:

Dispatcher II adds on radio dispatching for the Riley County Police Department, Riley County EMS, the Manhattan Fire Department, and Riley County Fire District #1. This additional work requires 3 months of training on top of the previous 3 months acquired in the Dispatch I level for an estimated total of 6 months. Current starting hourly rate for Dispatcher II: $19.10

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