Are there any outreach programs for police to connect with the citizens?

The Riley County Police Department has several outreach programs to connect with the citizens of Manhattan to bring about unity. RCPD employees represent the department by attending various committee meetings and serving on boards throughout the community. The list below is not all inclusive but serve as some examples of community outreach programs. 

RCPD Community Advisory Board: The CAB represents a cross-section of the Riley County public with members from a variety of business, geographical, and cultural communities. Members are representative of the broad community we live in to be consistent with the diversity in Riley County. The members of the CAB nominate candidates to serve on the board, who are then appointed by the Director of RCPD.

The Community Advisory Board advises RCPD on community concerns and relays information about the RCPD to the public. Effective policing relies on positive relationships with the community we serve. The CAB was established to provide a community perspective to the police department when considering local problems and policies. The group assists in improving the community's understanding of police functions and roles. The CAB advises RCPD on ways to improve the effectiveness of police operations in relation to community needs.

The Community Advisory Board meets monthly to address issues of interest to the RCPD and how they may affect the people of Riley County.

You can learn more about the CAB here:

LGBTQ+ Liaisons: In 2019, the Riley County Police Department formed the LGBTQ+ liaison team. The RCPD has two officers representing the department as LGBTQ+ liaisons. The liaisons act as a bridge between the police and the community, promoting a positive relationship with people in Riley County while advocating for equality.  The LGBTQ+ liaisons are dedicated to increasing public education on hate crimes and public safety.

(785) 537-2112 x2500

Officer Rachel Pate
(785) 537-2112 x2486

Officers Smiling

Douglass Center Advisory Board: The Douglass Center Advisory Board makes recommendations to the City Commission regarding the operation of the Douglass Community Center and involvement in community events. Director Butler routinely attends their monthly meetings.

Douglass Center Advisory Board RCPD Liaison

Sergeant Ryan Doehling

Officer with a Citizen

Boys & Girls Club of Manhattan:  RCPD partners to bring educational presentations and participate in speaking engagements with the Boys & Girls Club of Manhattan. Children are most at risk of participating in and being victims of crime right after school lets out. B&G Club provides a safe and productive place for kids to go during the times when they are most vulnerable.

Officers Talking to Children

RCPD Community Outreach BBQ: The Riley County Police Department has made it a priority to get out into the community and be a part of events because together, we are a stronger, safer community. To further a culture of service throughout the organization, the department purchased a barbecue grill/smoker through donated funds, seized assets, and unused end-of-year personnel funds. The goal is to serve food to the community during events and actively participate with the community.Officers at an Outdoor Event

Coffee with a Cop: This is a causal meet-and-greet for members of the Riley County community to provide positive and fun interactions with police. We are hopeful that the program will help reach the section of the community that does not use social media or the internet. These are public meetings held over coffee throughout Manhattan and Riley County. Members of the community with suggestions on where to host future meetings are encouraged to contact the department’s Public Information Officer.

Nextdoor: is a free, private social network program where residents work together with the Riley County Police Department and their neighbors for a safer community. The program allows neighbors to talk online, obtain information about crimes in the area, locate missing animals, etc. The Riley County Police Department has partnered with to launch a program in the area not only to confront and resolve safety issues within the neighborhood, but also to help bring neighbors together. Other emergency and local government organizations such as the Manhattan Fire Department, Riley County EMS, Riley County Emergency Management, and the City of Manhattan have partnered with RCPD and

RCPD on Nextdoor

The Riley County Police Department uses social media in an effort to keep people informed and educated on local and state laws, current events, and emergency notifications. We encourage our community to engage in meaningful, respectful conversation with us and fellow citizens. We believe social media helps to improve the quality of life by creating a direct method of communication with your police. To create a social environment that is welcoming to all people, as part of our social media policy, all posts or comments containing offensive or perceived to be offensive language will not be allowed.





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