What is the Emergency Accident Reporting Phase (EARP)?

In certain instances it is necessary for the Riley County Police Department to enact the Emergency Accident Reporting Phase. EARP is put in place when a high volume of accidents are occurring, most frequently due to weather-related circumstances. When EARP is in effect, motorists do not need to report crashes immediately as long as it meets all of the criteria below. Crashes must be reported within 48 hours of occurrence. To report a crash after the EARP period is lifted, you need to come to the Riley County Police Department located at 1001 S Seth Child Road in Manhattan. All parties involved will need to be present when reporting the crash. 

  • No injuries to any parties involved
  • No hit-and-run
  • No driving under the influence (DUI) or suspected alcohol/drug related crimes
  • Insurance and contact information is exchanged between responsible parties
  • Property damage is over $1,000 (If it is under $1,000, you do not need to report it to the police)

If there are injuries, a hit-and-run, or DUI, then you should call police immediately to report the crash.

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