Is there a list of phone numbers I should know?
  • Riley County Police Department - 785-537-2112 or 911 in an emergency
  • Via Christi Hospital - 785-776-3322
  • Crime Stoppers - 785-539-7777 or 1800-222-TIPS(8477)
  • Fort Riley Drunk Driving Prevention Program - 785-693-0303
  • Manhattan Wrecker Services - 785-776-7953
  • Mike's Wrecker Services - 785-539-4221
  • Pro Lock Emergency Service - 785-770-8440
  • Bandit Locksmith Service - 785-341-9420
  • Karsmizki Locksmith - 785-539-6509

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8. Is there a list of phone numbers I should know?
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