Fallen Heroes

Officers in UniformThis page is dedicated to those officers who gave the ultimate sacrifice in Riley County. The men and women of the Riley County Police Department salute their outstanding bravery and service to the citizens of Riley County and the State of Kansas. If you visit the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington D.C. you will see each individual officer on the wall at the location posted under each name.

Felix Boller, 1836 to 1866

City Marshall
Ogden, Kansas Police Department

Felix Boller was shot while preventing an assault upon a woman in her home. He did not survive his injuries. (Panel 59/E-10)

Seldon Lard, 1844 to 1897

Riley County Sheriff's Office

Seldon Lard was shot while making an arrest in Leonardville, Kansas. (Panel34/E-11)

Marion Ross, 1872 to 1918

Police Officer
Manhattan Police Department

Marion Ross was beaten while in Manhattan City Park, as he was investigating an incident of loitering. (Panel 38/E15)

Cleo Chrest, 1914 to 1951

Police Officer
Manhattan Police Department

Cleo Chrest was killed in an automobile accident. (Panel 26/E-10)

John McMurray, 1937 to 1964

State Trooper
Kansas Highway Patrol

John McMurray was crushed between two vehicles on K-18 Highway in Riley County, Kansas, when struck from behind by a drunk driver. (Panel 63/E-5)

Donald Harbour, 1933 to 1982

Police Officer
Riley County Police Department

Donald Harbour was shot while investigating an attempt to sell a stolen gun in an Ogden, Kansas pawn shop. (Panel 44/E-15)