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In cooperation with the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work of Kansas State University, the Department will participate in its intern program for upper class students. However, interns not associated with KSU may be considered for inclusion in the program subject to approval of the Director. The Director, or designee, will determine the maximum number of interns accepted during any semester. This allows for adequate cross training in all Divisions of the Department. Interns are viewed at a participant observer. Their objective is to learn as much as possible about police work without being involved in any official police action. To that end, each intern will be assigned to the various divisions of the Department throughout the duration of the internship. Placement into and length of stay within the divisions will be prioritized first upon the needs of the divisions and secondly upon the skills and interests of the intern. All intern positions are unpaid and supervised by the Human Resource Coordinator.

Introducing the Public Relations Paid Internship Program for Spring 2015

Become part of the RCPD family and work in the internationally recognized office of public information and relations. RCPD will be hiring one intern for 9 weeks in the 2015 Spring semester to assist with social media, official press releases and web content, as well as community programs and events. For more information about this internship we have attached the job description and applications below. Applicants must meet all guidelines for internships through Kansas State University as well as job qualifications through the Riley County Police Department.

As part of the application process, the Riley County Police Department requires a portfolio of work.This portfolio must be brought to the department at the time of oral board interview and can be of a format that the applicant chooses (creative works, media content, graphic design, written word, audio excerpts, drawings, etc.). This portfolio does not have to be of public relations work, but should illustrate the applicant’s ability in a field, hobby, or skill.

Applicants must meet requirements of the Kansas State University Internship programs. Please consult with your advisor or college officials who handle internship programs.

The deadline to submit your application for the Public Relations Internship position is December 31, 2014. Applications should be brought to the Riley County Police Department or emailed to Dawn Barfuss (dbarfuss@rileycountypolice.org).

Hiring Packet for Fall 2015
Public Relations Internship Application PDF

For more information about the Department's Internship Program contact:

Chris Robinson
Human Resource Coordinator
(785) 537-2112 x2310