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"Any law enforcement agency is only as good as the support it derives from the community it serves, and only as effective as the community's confidence in its operation and activities."

Introducing RCPD 101 in the Spring of 2014!

Take part in a condensed version of our Citizen Academy in the Spring and get to the action quicker! This 6 week course will show demonstrations from some of our special teams, as well as give you an inside look at the department and our facility. Geared for a younger crowd, this program offers a down and dirty look at RCPD, in an entertaining and hands on way. Fill out your application today to be considered for the Spring!

What is a Citizen Police Academy?

The Citizen's Police Academy is a 20-hour course that provides you with an opportunity to learn about the role of the police in making our community a better place to live. The Citizen's Police Academy is open to individuals from our community who are interested in learning more about how our police department operates. During the academy, citizens get an exclusive behind the scenes look at many aspects of the police department. They also learn about the laws and statutes that govern police actions.

What is the purpose of the Citizen's Academy?

The purpose of the Riley County Citizens' Police Academy is to develop a more positive relationship between the police and the community through education. The goal is to create a growing population of responsible, well-informed citizens who have the potential to influence public opinion about police practices and procedures.

What subjects are typically covered? 

  • History of the Riley County Police Department;
  • Tour of the Facilities;
  • Crime Scene Investigation;
  • Patrol Division Procedures;
  • Investigation Division Procedures;
  • Emergency Response Unit - Tactical Team;
  • Emergency Response Unit - Bomb Team;
  • K-9 Team;
  • Community Involvement;
  • Narcotics Enforcement;
  • Use of Force;
  • Reality Based Training;
  • Special Enforcement Efforts.

To apply for the RCPD Citizen Police Academy, fill out this Citizen Police Academy Application, print or save it, and turn it in to the Riley County Police Department via the email address below or in person (we do not collect this potentially personal information electronically through this website).

If you are interested in more information or upcoming class dates please contact the Department's Public Information Officer (Public Relations).

A free program courtesy of the Riley County Police Department
Matthew Droge
Public Information Officer/Public Relations
(785) 537-2112 x3048