Project: Guardians A Community Program Developed by the Riley County Police Department

PROJECT: GUARDIANS is a community program developed by the Riley County Police Department in an effort to help officers on patrol as well as community members, including children, who may need special assistance in the event they are found to be alone, to have wandered away from home or their primary place of care, or in an emergency.

Speaking Engagements/ Appearance Requests

Speaking Engagements Due to COVID-19, speaking engagements are suspended until further notice. We appreciate your patience as we work to keep our staff, and the public safe.  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Human Rights and Services Board

The Riley County Police Department has an appointed liaison to the Human Rights and Services Board for the City of Manhattan. The appointed liaison for RCPD is Officer Rachel Pate.

LGBTQ+ Liaisons

The Riley County Police Department has selected two officers as LGBTQ+ liaisons, acting as a bridge between the police and the community, promoting a positive relationship with people in Riley County.  Lieutenant Luke Breault and Officer Rachel Pate will work with members of our community to support and advocate for equality.  The LGBTQ+ liaisons are dedicated to increasing public education on hate crimes and public safety.


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Operation Greek

Operation Greek Logo

Operation Greek is a casual "meet and greet" created especially for students at K-State. It is a time for students to interact with police in a fun and positive environment. It has been a success for RCPD and it has also seemed to be popular with those students who have participated. Operation Greek has been held at house dinners, meetings, and even a pancake feed. RCPD Officers involved make attempts at creating an enjoyable and entertaining experience while also being informative.

Citizen Ride-Along Program

Riley County Police Patrol Car

--Due to Covid-19 Restrictions our ride along program has been suspended until further notice. --  

Child Safety Seat Program

Child Safety Seat Technician

Due to COVID-19, the Child Safety Seat Program will be conducted by appointment only Wednesdays from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sheriff Sale

Sheriff Sale

For upcoming Sheriff Sale information, check out our "Events" section. What is a Sheriff Sale? It is an execution of a judicial order (Order for Sale) signed by a Judge ordering the Sheriff's Department (RCPD) to sell a foreclosed property. Where are Sheriff Sales held at?


If you are in an emergency situation, but can't verbally share your location over the phone, you have the ability to share your exact location with our dispatchers through the app "what3words."


The North East Regional Homeland Security Council has launched a Mass Notification service that allows us to alert you in both emergency and non-emergency situations. To participate, you must "opt-in" by entering your contact information and subscribe to notification(s) you desire based on your location(s). It will be vital for each user to enter and maintain their user profile data with the most up-to-date information to ensure that when notifications are send out that you receive them.

Safe Cam: A Community Watch Program

  Video cameras are an invaluable tool helping to detect and apprehend criminals. The Safe Cam Program allows the Riley County Police Department to partner with citizens and local businesses to create secure, private mapping of locations of cameras so our police officers can quickly contact you if your camera may have captured footage related to a crime.