October 4, 2021

The Riley County Police Department Director, Dennis P. Butler, will retire after three years faithfully serving the citizens of Riley County. Butler was sworn in as the RCPD Director December 31, 2018. He will remain at RCPD as the Director through January 2022, the effective date of his retirement will be February 1, 2022.

Under Butler’s direction, the Riley County Police Department has maintained National Accreditation standard and continued to be at the forefront of policing in strategy, technology and professionalism.

“We thank Director Butler for serving this community with integrity,” Riley County Law Board Chair Linda Morse said. “We wish him well on this new chapter of retirement at 41 years playing an active role in shaping the future of law enforcement as an officer and leader.”

The RCPD Law Board will meet in the coming weeks to determine details surrounding the hiring process for the next Director.

The members of the Riley County Police Department thank Director Butler for the past three years of passionate leadership for the Department and community.