March 2, 2020

A Riley County Police Officer has been recognized as the Veterans of Foreign War State of Kansas Officer of the Year.  Officer Michael Wagenblast was presented the award at the February Law Board meeting in Ogden.

“This award symbolizes the great triumphs the honoree has received in our noblest of professions. It is merely a token of the collective enthusiasm for the dedicated self- sacrifice and desire that you have shown to make your town, your city, our county, our state, and our nation an ideal place to live and work,” Daniel Watkins, VFW Post Commander of Manhattan said.

The award goes to an officer who demonstrates professionalism under the most trying of circumstances, embodies patience when others would have walked away, and demonstrates humanity towards all.

Officer Michael Wagenblast has faithfully served the Riley County Police Department since 2012. Wagenblast is currently assigned to serve the North County population of Riley County.

Prior to his time at RCPD, Wagenblast served over 20 years in the Army.

“I am pleased to recognize you, Officer Michael Wagenblast, as one of those who have stood and said, I can do that, I can give more, I will walk in harm's way,” Watkins said.

Officer Wagenblast was chosen from all officers in the districts in the state of Kansas. Wagenblast is automatically now entered to be considered for the Veterans of Foreign War National Law Enforcement Officer of the Year.