August 13, 2019

The Riley County Police Department has pledged to join the One Mind Campaign in an effort to continue improving police response to people affected by mental illness.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police campaign is a way for RCPD to further unite with our community and local mental health organizations to ensure successful interactions between the three groups. 

“We made the IACP One Mind Campaign pledge to demonstrate our commitment to providing the best possible response to citizens in crisis, but we cannot do it alone,” Director Dennis Butler said. “This pledge means that we are publicly committing to work very hard with our partners to prevent people who need mental health treatment from ending up incarcerated or being subjected to force. Our officers will be better supported and trained to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations.”

RCPD is committed to:

  • Establishing a clearly defined and sustainable partnership with one or more community mental health organization(s)
  • Developing and implementing a model policy addressing police response to persons affected by mental illness
  • Training and certifying 100% of our agency’s sworn officers and selected non-sworn staff in Mental Health First Aid or other equivalent mental health awareness program
  • Providing Crisis Intervention Team Training to a minimum of 20% of RCPD’s sworn officers and selected non-sworn staff. 

“RCPD has been making great strides over the past several years in regards to helping those in Riley County that struggle with mental health and addictions issues,” Pawnee Mental Health & RCPD Co-Responder Brynne Haverkamp said. The co-responder program was just a start to this. The addition of the One Mind Campaign will further support our officers, the mental health providers in the area, and our community as a whole in being better equipped to handle these complex situations. I am so proud of everyone at RCPD and the commitment they make each day to better serving our community.”