June 17, 2019


Released by Hali Rowland

MANHATTAN, KAN. – Today the Law Board approved the Riley County Police Department Budget for the upcoming year. 

The new budget is $22.10 million. This is an increase of 2.8% over the 2019 approved budget. The total amount of funding requested for 2020 was offset by over $91,000 in unused funds left over from 2018.

“My goals for the RCPD 2020 budget were to request the resources I believed necessary to provide the best possible services to our citizens,” Director Dennis Butler said. “My vision for the budget presentation was so anyone could easily understand the important reasons for our proposed funding for next year.”

With the additional funding, the department will add: 

  • Three full-time Corrections Officers to staff a control station which monitors the high-risk inmate population
  • An Investigations Detective specializing in capturing cell-phone evidence
  • On-call pay for RCPD employees whose daily activities are restricted while off-duty
  • An IT Reserve Fund to control for spikes in IT expenses
  • A 1.9% Cost Of Living Adjustment in pay for employees

“Funding COLAs and merit increases are critically important to maintaining a well-trained and experienced workforce,” Butler said. “This is because valuable resources used to train and develop an experienced workforce, once lost, can take years to restore.”

Adjustments were also made to address underfunding in areas such as overtime.  Adjusting the overtime budget will allow RCPD to set reasonable caps on overtime, while still meeting the needs of the citizens in Riley County.

For additional details, view the RCPD 2020 Budget Presentation here.