May 7, 2014

The Riley County Police Department has been made aware of a scam involving a fraudulent caller and voicemail account encouraging community members to pay a fine to avoid being arrested. According to reports the caller states that he is “Lt. John Roberts of the Riley County Police Department’s Warrants Division” and informs potential victims that they have either missed jury duty or are required to pay a fine of some kind. The caller stresses that failure to comply will result in an arrest.

The caller next asks the potential victim to electronically or through gift card pay the aforementioned fines.

Community members should know that this scam has been reported several times in the Manhattan and Riley County area and currently investigators are working to stop this activity. Community members should also know that RCPD does not operate in this manner and additionally, RCPD does not employ anyone by the name of John Roberts.

“Anytime a person receives a call from someone soliciting money, they should immediately be suspicious of that call, even more so if they claim to be employed by the Riley County Police Department. RCPD suggests that you hang up and call the us at 537-2112 to report the suspicious call.”  -Captain Richard Fink of the Riley County Police Department Investigations Division.