Saturday, April 5, 2014 (All day) to Sunday, April 6, 2014 (All day)

North Riley County

The Kansas State University Cycling Team in coordination with its sponsors and the Manhattan Visitors and Convention Bureau is hosting a competitive bike race in Riley County on April 5th and 6th. The event is called the Wildcat Gran Prix and is expected to attract 200 Men and Women representing colleges from ten midwestern states (North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas Louisiana and Texas).  Two of the events are long distance races near Randolph, Kansas and the third event is a day of fast and spectator friendly racing on closed roads around the Kansas State campus and surrounding North Manhattan Avenue.  An additional 100-150 cyclists are expected to attend the non-collegiate races to compete for $3000 of cash and prizes.
On Saturday, April 5, 2014, the event will congregate starting at 8:00 AM at the USD 384 Blue Hills High School in Randolph, Kansas.  There will be two events, one starting at 10:00 AM and the other at 1:30 PM.
Starting at 10:00 AM several teams of riders will leave in groups of 3 or 4 from a starting point at USD 384.  They will compete on a stretch of road 5 miles long on KS-16 leaving East towards Olsburg, Kansas.  On the Eastern stretch of this course, a "turn around point" where a highly visible group of volunteers will direct riders to make a legal U-turn to ride West towards a finish line near USD 384.  
Starting at 1:30 PM several large packs of racers will depart from USD 384.  There will be 6 groups of up to 50 racers that will depart every 5-10 minutes until 2:00 PM to race an 18 mile course between the towns of Randolph and Leonardville.  Beginner racers do 1 lap of 18 miles and expert racers complete 4 laps of 72 miles.  
  • Riders will depart Randolph via Co Hwy 893/Gardiner Rd and wait until volunteers allow them to safely cross US-77 to Senn Rd.  Racing will begin after the intersection.
  • Southbound Co Hwy 893/Senn Rd and Walnut Creek Rd.  Also a 1.5 mile section of US-77S/Tuttle Creek Blvd. from the Green Randolph Rd intersection to a right and turn at Senn Rd.
  • Westbound Barton Rd including the right hand turn on US-24W toward Leonardville.
  • Northbound from US-24W/Barton Rd a right hand turn to go North on Co Hwy 875/Crooked Creek Rd.
  • Eastbound from Co Hwy 875/Crooked Creek Rd a right hand turn to take Co Hwy 378/Green Randolph Rd toward Randolph.
  • Racers completing multiple laps of the course will turn right from Green Randolph Road onto US-77S.  Traffic will need to be slowed or stopped by an officer with Riley County Police Department. 
  • Racers will be scored by trained officials at a highly visible finish line at the top of a hill on Green Randolph Road approximately 1/4 mile from US-77.
Drivers will be asked to reduce speed or yield at intersections for the safety of volunteers and cyclists when appropriate.  A race will be going through intersections at speed including the 3 stop signs on the route.  Volunteers will be distinguished by reflective safety vests and handheld stop signs.  Volunteers will drive vehicles with emergency flashers following groups of riders.  Groups of cyclists will be seen riding more than two abreast but are prohibited from riding outside the yellow line taking more than one lane.  Depending on weather conditions, skill level and road gradient, riders may be riding at speeds of 10-60mph with speeds of 15-30mph most common.
This event asks that community members in the area keep pets at a safe distance from roads.  They also ask that anyone in the community who intends to begin a prairie grass fire near the area contact the event promotor by phone at (309) 299-2732.
Because riders are exposed to the wind and other elements, they appreciate drivers reducing speed and giving space while passing.
Maps of the bike race routes have been included.