ERU Clandestine Lab Team

The Emergency Response Unit (ERU) Clandestine Lab Team is comprised of many highly and regularly trained members and responds to potentially dangerous situations in our jurisdiction. This team is made up of members from various aspects of the department such as Investigations and Patrol. Members are not a full time Clandestine Lab Unit and are activated on an on call basis. The Clandestine Lab Team works closely with officers to investigate and assist at making safe potentially hazardous incidents. When serving on the Clandestine Lab Team, hazardous duty pay is granted and regular attendance to training activities is required. The Clandestine Lab Team has assisted Riley County Police Department in many types of investigations such as the processing of crime scenes with hazardous material and assessing and addressing instances of chemical suicide.

Making a commitment to the ERU Clandestine Lab Team requires a minimum employment of 2 years at Riley County Police Department as well as a selection process. Officers are required to perform various demanding physical tasks and be able to work in a confined space.